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We know that time is the greatest treasure of all, so when creating Pine, it was of the utmost importance for us to gift our guests with it as much as possible. Our manifesto is the respect and love of time: we believe that quality time spent together is most memorable if not limited by anything.

Personalized breakfast

Breakfast tailored to individual needs including food intolerances, using Balaton flavors for international dishes.

Private shopping

We provide time for you to recharge completely. As the partner of the most diverse delicatessen in town called Culinaris, we do the shopping for you.


It's all about relaxation. Individual requests are taken care of by a chef and a bartender during your stay.


Celebrations are all about you; we fully plan and coordinate birthdays, family events, gatherings of friends for 12-20 people.

Honesty Bar

Our premium drinks from the bar operate on the principle of the honesty box.


Our focus is on the needs of our guests; therefore massages and yoga classes are available on request.

Baby care

Even the littlest ones matter. They are provided with age-appropriate toys and an animator if requested.

  • Personalized breakfast
  • Private shopping
  • Staff
  • Events
  • Honesty Bar
  • Well-being
  • Baby care